The Weaverville Tailgate Market is fortunate enough to be sponsored by wonderful local businesses! Check out their profiles below.

Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs

Nature’s Vitamins and Herbs (formerly Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center) was founded in 1996 by pharmacists Bill Cheek and Mike Rogers. With an emphasis on natural medicine, Bill and Mike are experts in nutritional supplements and natural remedies. The prescription business is no longer operating, but they still run their shop stocked with professional grade supplements as well as CBD extracts to go along with professional advice! They were one of the first businesses in the state to offer CBD hemp extracts.

Visit their website: https://www.naturesvitaminsandherbs.com

Dry Ridge Family Medicine

Welcome to Dry Ridge Family Medicine, founded in 2009 by local board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Nicole Ogg. The clinic is named Dry Ridge after the oldest known name of this area (it wasn’t officially Weaverville until 1874). And why a turtle? The first reason is Dr. Ogg has always liked turtles and is an avid collector. The other reason is because the turtle shell represents a safe-haven and is symbolic for patience, stability, endurance and protection. She hopes that Dry Ridge Family Medicine will be a clinic people will feel comfortable and safe coming to visit.

Visit their website: http://dryridgefamilymedicine.com/

Dillingham Family Farm

We are a 9th generation family farm nestled in the mountains of Barnardsville, North Carolina. We raising grass-fed and finished beef, pastured pork, laying hens and turkeys using no hormones or antibiotics. Our primary goal is to improve our soils through regenerative agriculture so that our pastures can provide exceptional quality forage to our animals. By starting with soil health, we ensure that the food products we bring to you are nutrient dense and delicious. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Visit their website: https://dillinghamfamilyfarm.com

River of Life

Eileen Ayers is a Registered Nurse by education with specialities in the therapeutic areas of Neurology and Psychology. She offers holistic services of Reiki for humans and animals, plant based live probiotics, including a food enhancer and gut healthy chews for animals.

Visit their website: https://www.facebook.com/RiverofLifeWellnessServices

Mangum Pottery

Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Buncombe County near Asheville, North Carolina lies the historic town of Weaverville. Stroll down Main Street and you may wander into this working pottery studio. As you step into the gallery you’ll see displays of pitchers, teapots, and tableware next to hand built vases, ceramic furniture and banjos. Beyond the wares are craftsmen hard at work. Potters Rob and Beth Mangum continue a creative tradition started by Rob’s parents over forty years ago.

Visit their website: https://www.mangumpottery.com

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