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***COVID-19 UPDATE: Until further notice the Weaverville Tailgate Market is prioritizing farms (produce & plant starts) and value-added food vendors. Craft vendors are on hold due to space limitations and social distancing guidelines. We will add preorder and electronic payment information from vendors as we receive it. Please check back for further updates.***

The vendors listed below have been accepted into the market for the 2020 season. Many will attend every week, while others only vend on occasion. You can expect to find new vendors at market on a regular basis, selling seasonal crops or specialty items.

This page is being updated frequently. Vendors in BOLD are currently attending.


Ivy Creek Family Farm: Appalachian Grown

Five Pine Farm: accepts Square and Venmo

Watershed Forest Farm: accepts Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, & others

Meat, Eggs & Other Animal Products

Fox Run Farm and Rabbitry: accepts Paypal

Dillingham Family Farm: Appalachian Grown

Wild Mountain Farm: accepts Square and Paypal

Value Added & Baked Goods, Honey & More

Barnard Bread Co.: accepts Square

  • email with any questions regarding products, availability, etc.
  • Instagram

Blue Ridge Chaga Connection: accepts Square, Paypal, & Venmo

Cornerstone Tea: accepts Square, Paypal, & Venmo

Dogwood Cottage Baking: accepts Square, Paypal, & Venmo

Fermenti: accepts Square and Paypal

Notorious Coffee Roasting Co.: accepts Paypal

Sister of Mother Earth Apothecary:

Shanti Elixirs- Jun products: accepts Paypal and Venmo

Sama Spread: accepts Square

The Crunchy Baker:

Plants, Crafts, & More

Bonny Bath: accepts Venmo and Paypal

High Country Nursery: accepts Paypal

Shecology: accepts Square

Johnny’s Got Worms: accepts Paypal & Venmo

Little Creek Nursery (plants)

Gaia Rising: Facebook

Ohm My Goodness: Etsy Store

Wild Mountain Fern

Arrows and Olive: Website

Maia Mehndi: Facebook

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